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YES rebrand

by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/24/2016 | 4 Minute Read

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YES is the first certified organic lubricant in the UK market. The product has many health benefits and is the only lubricant available on prescription from the NHS. As a consequence of this alignment, the brand had become very much ensconced in the ‘Medical’ category. The existing colour palette reinforced this perception and as such the brand was struggling to develop into other segments of the market. We were commissioned to do a complete rebrand including packaging design for the multiple product lines. 

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Immersing ourselves in the world of lubricant (not literally) we researched the different segments within the market i.e. pleasure, natural, hygiene and medical. YES has a wide range of products that can potentially sit across multiple categories. We realised that one of our main objectives would be to create a clear delineation between the products in the range and individual characters for each. The other essential part of the task in hand was to ensure that each of the products could feed into the overall brand DNA and as such we needed to create a strong master brand that the sub-brands would comfortably sit under. 

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The first step was to really define the brand in terms of attributes, features, and attitude. There is an inherent freedom to the brand, but backed by a trustworthy sense of authority, a whimsical edge but coloured with an underlying knowledge. We started to experiment with fluidity and intimacy as concepts, sketching out a number of different routes. We selected six routes and started to develop them, honing in on the versatility needed to convey the spectrum of brand attributes, encompassed in one marque. The final brand’s serif style communicates an authoritative feel with the sophisticated curves running from one shape to the next to suggest a certain flow. Collectively the letters create negative spaces, which give a soft, fluid feel. The curves also allude to the caring and restorative attributes of the product. Once we had settled upon a route for the brand we moved on to the packaging. With the new marque, we created we had captured the authority but it was essential for us to build individual personalities for the sub-brands. 

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Experimenting with paint, both oil and watercolor to mirror the nature of the products, allowed us to inject that sense of freedom into the packaging designs and once we had settled on this approach we went about creating a bespoke colour palette for each SKU. The final artwork provides YES with a family of products that whilst instantly recognizable as a family are impactful enough to stand alone on shelf.

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Creative Director: Peter Parker

Packaging photographer: Byron Slater Printer/ Manufacturer: Curtis Packaging

Designed by Title AgencyClient: YES Country: United Kingdom