Featured image for The Dieline Awards 2016 Outstanding Achievements: Abadía Española, a light of craft touch

The Dieline Awards 2016 Outstanding Achievements: Abadía Española, a light of craft touch

by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/23/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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The meaning of "Abadía" is "Abbey", this name is the essence of this branding and packaging design.Abbeys (Las Abadías) were a stronghold of knowledge during dark times. The Abbots dedicated themselves to brewing with faithful devotion. As a tribute to these labours, the packaging reflects a simple design, evocative and austere, with illustrations which symbolize each of the styles of beer. It is printed with fluorescent inks to reinforce the intention of illumination, to bring light to this delicately crafted drink. 

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Objective:Create an appealing magnetic brand image using disruptive design.Reinterpret the imagery associated with the light in Abbeys.

Graphics solution:The simplicity in the composition of elements predominates in the set. A fluorescent tone motif on white introduces the type of beer (Pale Ale, Lager and Seven Malts) to the consumer:- Abadía Pale Ale. A miniature Abbey doorway illustration which lacked three-dimensional perspective.- Abadía Lager. The spiked cross, unmistakable symbol of the cult to artisan beer professed by Abbots.- Abadía Seven Malts. The highly-adorned number seven is a perfect symbol to illustrate the seven malts which embody this beer.

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Printing notes:The palette of fluorescent colours chosen glow in the dark as a tender reference to the figure of light which Abbeys were during long centuries of darkness. A brief text about the life of the artisan Abbots is superimposed on the aforementioned illustrations as commemorative messages. This text is finished with the liturgical quote: Our daily bread.A synthesis of period rose window design configures a series of three geometries inspired by these common elements in religious architecture.

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Illustrator: José Luis Casao

Art Director: Marta Terrazas

Designers: José Luis Casao &Marta Terrazas

Photography: Carlos Caperos / Fernando Caballero

Copywriter: Ana Lafuente

CEO: Ricardo Moreno 

Printer: Gráficas Varias

Designed by TSMGO, the show must go on

Client: Cervezas Abadía

Country: Spain