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Natasha's Raw Living Food

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/04/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Raw, organic, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and no refined sugars—Natasha’s Raw Living Food is absolute paradise for any health nut. Offering a healthy (and delicious) alternative to standard snack foods, Dynamo needed to capture the brand’s passion and attitude to providing handmade products with the finest quality ingredients.

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Consumers are more aware of what goes into their food than they have ever been, and Natasha’s Raw Living Food creates tasty snacks that are far healthier than some greasy potato chips or heavy chocolate bars. The line of products ranges from kale chips to fruit and nut clusters and energy bars.

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Actual images of the ingredients appear on the packaging, emphasizing the wholesome qualities of each product. An adorable, orange-haired mascot appears on the front of the labels, somehow interacting with the ingredient or final food images. A font combination of a gentle script, bold sans serif, and traditional typewriter font create a buzzing energy and gives Natasha’s Raw Living Food more of an appeal for a contemporary audience. Background colors play well with the images on the front, creating a contrast that allows them to stand out.

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Designed by: Dynamo

Country: Ireland

City: Dublin