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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/04/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Summer’s coming, and that means one thing for certain: popsicles! Jackdaw Design designed the packaging for Claudi & Fin, an adorable brand of frozen yogurt that is as delicious as it is nutritious.

“The packaging for Claudi & Fin Greek style frozen yoghurt lollies is fun and characterful, designed to achieve a distinctive presence in the frozen food aisle. Jackdaw Design wanted to create something that was new and intriguing, but equally charming and personable for the 'mumpreneurs' business.”

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“After struggling to find natural and wholesome ice lollies for their children, Claudia and Fin, the mums set about creating their own at home. After months of taste testing, Claudi & Fin was born; a naturally delicious frozen lolly made with Greek style yoghurt and packed with real fruit and vitamin D.”  

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Claudi & Fin is designed for kids but must appeal to busy parents who want to buy good treats for their children. These popsicles have the best of both worlds. With telling facial expressions and a soft color palette, this is clearly a dessert for kids. Important information about the product’s health benefits, like its vitamin D content and real fruit ingredients, appears clearly on the front, helping convince parents that this is a sweet treat they can feel okay giving their family. Delicate fonts emphasize the pure flavors of the popsicles as well as the wholesome nature of the brand.

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Amanda Jackson, Creative Director, Jackdaw Design mentions, "As the brand is named after their children, this informed everything we designed, from the cute and homespun lolly illustrations and fun fruits, to the friendly, handwritten logotype. The unfussy and straightforward look and feel communicates the simplicity of the product, which is made without artificial ingredients."

Lucy Woodhouse, Co-founder, Claudi & Fin says, "Jackdaw Design have done a fantastic job. To come up with a minimal and simplistic design that not only stands out at fixture but also is widely appealing, is testament to the insight and ability of the design team."

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Designed by: Jackdaw Design

Country: United Kingdom

City: London