Obi Pr(obi)otic Soda

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/17/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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This isn’t just any old soda. While most sodas simply pack on calories and fill you up with sugar, Obi is different. Designed by The Creative Method, this beverage is perfect for those who want something fizzy but don’t want to wreak their health.

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“Obi is a truly healthy soda that wanted its branded packaging to reflect the mantra 'Bubbles with benefits'. We were commissioned by the Obi team in the USA to develop packaging for their new to world healthy probiotic soda. Our design challenge was to marry scientific and healthy efficacy with sodas fun and vibrancy.”

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Focusing on the bubbly factor, each image to represent the flavors is comprised of small, circular bubbles. It almost makes the consumer feel like they can taste the fizzy flavor on their tongue. The soda comes in a traditional soda bottle, but the bright colors against a white label contribute to the healthier approach. It feels clean and like the flavors are more natural than ones you might find in a carbonated drink.

Editorial photograph

Designed by: The Creative Method

Client: Obi

Country: Australia

City: Sydney


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