Featured image for The Dieline Award 2016: Simple Value- The Partners

The Dieline Award 2016: Simple Value- The Partners

by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/19/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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BackgroundArgos is the UK’s leading digital retailer33,000 products53,000 lines130 million customers840 UK stores

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BriefRebrand the Argos Value Range packaging.Consisting of 140 of the most simple household products, these items are of solid quality but at low prices meaning they are great value too.

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SolutionSimple ValueSimplicity.With added Value.Simple Value products speak for themselves, and we wanted the packaging to reflect that. But simple doesn’t just mean basic. By adding a twist in the product descriptions the copy elevates the conversation, empathy and customer engagement beyond the ordinary. The packaging reflects the simplicity and great value of the products with this simple and honest tone of voice.

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Executive Brand Director: Dave Roberts

Design Director: Mark Wood

Designers: Brinley Clark, Matthew Hill, Wayne Peach

Copywriter: Mike Reed

Designed by The Partners

Client: Argos

Country: United Kingdom

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