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The Dieline Awards 2016: Georg Jensen Hallmark Cuvée- Denomination

by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/19/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Heemskerk Wines is a super-premium, contemporary brand for which style and design is an integral part of the wine experience. The brand is intent upon capturing the integrity, purity and elegance of Tasmania's cool climate. Designed by Denomination in 2008, the design aesthetic of Heemskerk is über-contemporary and sleek. Everything about Heemskerk is centered around finding a perfect balance between respecting tradition but reimagining it in a very modern way. Heemskerk has a sparkling wine within its portfolio at $65AUD, however the client recognised that there was a significant opportunity to capture a share of the growing $25-40 sparkling market. 

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Heemskerk wanted to create a new sparkling wine priced in the growth area of $25-40 that would change the paradigms of sparkling wine by offering consumers something unique. Heemskerk wanted to change the way consumers thought and felt and about sparkling. The positioning the client developed was named “Little Black Dress”, ie contemporary with timeless classic cues, and an elegant, simple, graceful feminine style. The brief was to use a “less is more” approach to the design.

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We felt that we could give consumers a new choice beyond Australian sparkling and French Champagne: that of Designer Sparkling. A premium Australian sparkling wine that collaborated with a globally-renowned designer would give consumers their own piece of designer luxury when they bought this NPD. We also knew that brand collaboration was a growing and powerful global trend. The resulting design solution created by Denomination was an organic shaped, highly polished stainless steel stopper that would be able to reseal the bottle and allow the contents to last another two days. The bottle, sourced from Italy, reflected the feminine lines of the Georg Jensen Living, and the restrained graphics met the “less is more” stipulation of the brief. 

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We sought out Georg Jensen as a potential brand partner for a number of reasons: the Georg Jensen brand stood for both beauty and practicality, form and function, with its Living products. Its house style reflected the client’s brief of timeless elegance, grace and femininity. Georg Jensen also selects designers from around the world to create their Living pieces, and so this was an extension of both their design and business philosophy.In the Australian market there is no other über-contemporary offering in the market with the exception of the flagship Heemskerk sparkling. Nor is there a sparkling that has a collaboration with another like-minded brand. And nor is there a sparkling that combines a reusable feature as an intrinsic part of its offering.Georg Jensen Hallmark Cuvée by Heemserk has created a new category in sparkling wine in Australia: a design-led brand with an innovative stopper that is intrinsic to both the form and function of this wine brand.

Designed by Denomination

Country: United Kingdom

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