Featured image for The Dieline Awards 2016: SIS- Backbone Branding

The Dieline Awards 2016: SIS- Backbone Branding

by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/19/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Working in bio mimicry principles the designer repeated one of the main structural parts of the flower and conceptualized the pistil as an optimal shape for a two – liter juice bottle. 

Editorial photograph

The pistil is the initial outflow, where the juice forms. Then it becomes a fruit, which in its turn ripens finally becoming juice. The natural color of the juice makes up the major part of the bottle space. In composition with white label and black logo, it makes the bottle shelf shout, different from the competitors and solves the problem of merchandising. Inspired by natural shapes, the bottle is structured on the strength of geometrical regulations and keeping (maintaining) the geometrical com-measurement. Due to its shape the bottles puzzle with each other, thereby economizing much space grouped inside the container. The bottle is founded on the basics of the equilateral triangle. Almost each part of it is solved in geometrical plasticity and all this give the bottle an organic shape and make it pleasant to the eye. No size, ratio, line and circle are accidental. Even the label of the bottle has a unique construction, obeyed to geometrical equality.

Editorial photograph

Because of the uneven bottle surface, there could be no label stuck right on the bottle. Considering this, we developed one, which exactly fixes and blocks on a certain part of the bottle without any glue. The label with its wavy lines repeat the plasticity of the bottle shape and create a fusion with it.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Art Director: Stepan Azaryan

Designer: Stepan Azaryan

Photography: Backbone Branding

Designed by Backbone Branding

Client: SIS Natural

Country: Armenia