The 1-Pack

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/12/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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To celebrate their 11th Anniversary, 1 Trick Pony teamed up with Taft’s Ale House to create a custom beer. It’s a bit of a recurring event—every year the agency sends an “obsessively branded” bottle of alcohol to clients as part of their annual tradition dubbed “The Alcoholidays.”

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“Clients received their 16oz. can of beer in a ‘1-Pack’ – a gold foiled box with a perforated opening at the top that resembles an old beer can tab. 1-Pack's were shipping to The Pony's clients across the country – however, most of them have contacted the agency asking for another 1-Pack because they put the first one on display in their office.”

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

It’s easy to see why you’d want this gem on display. Beautifully designed with lavish art deco inspiration, The 1-Pack feels luxurious and classy. The black and gold are absolutely divine together while also elevating the quality of the product. Of course, the packaging still has its fun quirks, including a faux can top that encourages recipients to “Have a good one.” The beer itself features many of the same graphics seen on the gift box, shown in a subtle gray in the background. By having the cans packaged individually, it adds to the special quality of each one.

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Designed by: 1 Trick Pony

Country: United States


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