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Cuarentona (Fortyish)

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/12/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Cuarentona (Fortyish) is a sultry spirit like you’ve never seen before. Designed by Enserio studio, this rich, dark liquor is packed up in a clear bottle and placed in a fishnet stocking to set the mood.

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“Spend a good time with Cuarentona (Fortyish). Put over the table, remove her clothes, look at her, touch, taste... Cuarentona (Fortyish) is an alcoholic beverage made from green walnuts, herbs and spices, marinated with sweet anise for 40 days in the sun and calm.”

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Made with nuts and spices, Cuarentona (Fortyish) offers a unique and striking flavor unlike other spirits. Enserio studio captures the essence of mystery and excitement from a confident woman, and the fishnet casing is a sexy and fun addition. The name is written in large sans serif letters, further emphasizing the bold experience the spirit offers to buyers.

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Designed by: Enserio studio

Country: Spain

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