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Aeijst Styrian Pale Gin

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/11/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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“Handcrafted out of honest convictions. Balanced in its taste. Puristic, but not simple.” Aeijst (pronounced aced) is a gin crafted in southern Styria (Austria). It’s 100% organic, made with nine different botanicals that make a completely one-of-a-kind pale gin. Christina Michelitsch developed the branding and packaging for the new gin, which the Thomann family takes immense pride in making by hand.

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“Brand identity, corporate design und packaging were all developed from the ground up. The combination of nine botanicals for the gin, as well as the passion for creating it with the best ingredients were key in the briefing for the product. The Thomann family wanted their product to be a reflection of themselves and their work ethic: puristic, charming, reliable, elegant, confident, uncomplicated, low-key, regional but not rural and with a hint of wit.”

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“The brand identity includes the branding of the bottle, design for, and illustration of the wrapping paper, design of the greeting cards, hang tags and a brand book that can be found inside of the box, as well as additional stationary material, a website and their social media presence.”

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There’s something so beautifully simple about a clear bottle with a sparkling, crisp, clear beverage inside. This gives the gin a minimal and powerful look that is incredibly noticeable without looking busy. The branding and packaging use stark whites and sharp blacks, and the illustrations of the botanicals are impeccably detailed. Michelitsch lets the handcrafted spirit catch our attention, placing an emphasis on the pure and organic ingredients.

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Designed by: Christina Michelitsch

Country: Austria