Brami Beans

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/11/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Have you ever heard of a lupini bean? This super legume contains more protein per calorie than any other plant in the world. Brami Beans believes that snacking can be just as delicious as it is nourishing, so they turned to Interact Boulder for a new branding and packaging design that would match the power and energy of these little beans.

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“If you don’t know what a lupini bean is, you should! Lupini beans are a traditional Mediterranean snack and can be compared to edamame in that they are low calorie, low fat and low carb, but are soy-free and packed with protein, fiber and macronutrients. Roman warriors relied on these hearty beans to fuel them during long journeys and now Brami has made the mighty bean accessible to the modern warrior.”

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You can now “snack like a Roman” with Brami Beans. The packaging clearly expresses that, though these beans are little, they have major benefits for those who eat them. Various mouthwatering flavors are offered, each with their own coordinating color and flavor visual. The text looks like it was written by hand, and adorable drawings of the beans add a playful personality, making this a fun and convenient choice for snacking. The beans themselves are seasoned and then vacuum-sealed in the resealable pouches, preserving freshness without any added preservatives.  

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“The Brami wordmark is playful yet simple, incorporating their iconic bean as the dot in the ‘i.’ A funky fresh bean character is the center point of the packaging, making the snack fun and approachable for people of any age. Various iterations of the bean character can be seen throughout the packaging, continuing to convey the whimsical personality of the brand. The lighthearted food photography on the front enables consumers to easily identify flavors while the window provides a sneak peak to the actual product. The entirety of the brand is tied together by dynamic typography, reiterating the playful quality of the snack.”

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Designed by: Interact Boulder

Country: United States

City: Boulder, CO

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