by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/25/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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How adorable is this line of baby care products? Brandiziac developed the design for BabyLab’s line of cosmetic products, taking the idea of love and care and translating it into packaging.

“Being a baby means being cared and loved. It also means being treated with natural body care products. We tried our best to evoke such feelings in customers through creating a new packaging design for BabyLab products. Not all moms can afford the time to read carefully the components of each baby care products displayed on a shelf in a pharmacy shop. But it only takes them a glance to realize whether a certain brand can be trusted or not. This is when a brand becomes an expert in the baby care products market (age category 0+). By keeping the brand logo and its base colors we have added a bit of a personality to the brand. As a result, the brand has got its own unique hero: a charming teddy bear, a new BabyLab icon.”

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“Restrained and somber background colors point to reliability and high quality of a product convincing a customer to buy it. The outline color perfectly matches the logo and makes an entire product line look complete and unique. Due to the efforts of Bandiziac designers team BabyLab products can now give customers a feeling of delicate baby care and trust through their new package design. Without many words.”

Everything about BabyLab is delicate and soft, from the teddy bear mascot to the color palette. The sky blue packaging is warm and welcoming, and it’s uncluttered appearance gives consumers a sense of the pure ingredients used in the products. On the front, the bear’s wide eyes capture the innocence of childhood while also making the line uniform and instantly recognizable. For busy and stressed parents who only want to give their children the best, BabyLab stands out as a choice that’s natural and good for baby.

“The Brandiziac designers team had to take extra efforts to design an outline image of a teddy bear. Overall the team created a few dozens of teddy bear images until the final one was born. A charming smile of the character and a soap bubble leaning to the bear’s cheek have become those features lacking in the beginning. Due to the designers trick the new BabyLab character looks live, as if it is inviting your baby to play!”

Editorial photograph

Designed by: Brandiziac

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

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