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Coca-Cola "One-Brand" Redesign

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/19/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Iconic and instantly recognizable, the signature Coca-Cola Red Disc was first introduced in the 30s and has now become the essential element in their “One-Brand” packaging design. The new packaging is officially making its way to store shelves and beverage coolers, starting this week in Mexico.

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James Sommerville, VP of Global Design for Coca-Cola, mentions, “We set out to build on the core design principles of being bold and leveraging the power of red, while preserving our simplicity and iconicity. During our design process, we saw the Red Disc as the one design element that could unite the trademark visually. Coca-Cola, any Coca-Cola is refreshing, uplifting and delicious… and the presence of the Red Disc on our new packaging communicates that message.”

“These new packaging designs signal a shift in our visual language in which the classic Red Disc is more prominent than other elements associated with the brand. By applying the disc across the Coca-Cola Trademark, we’re using a signature asset in a contemporary and surprising way to share the equity of Coca-Cola across all trademark products. Consumers will see the Coca-Cola Red Disc in all global markets at the end of our ‘Taste the Feeling’ TV ads, in our print ads and on our billboards. Using this same device on packaging completes the picture.”

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The new packaging marks the first time in Coca-Cola’s history that the visual identity system is shared across all media and Trademark products. While other important elements to the brand, like the contour bottle or the Spencerian Script will continue to appear in the branding, nothing better expresses the brand’s heritage more than the disc. It first showed up in Coca-Cola’s hand-painted advertising in the 1930s, and in 1947 Archie Lee made the Red Disc fit for retail signage to indicate the refreshing beverage was sold there. The iconic disc communicates the heart and history of Coca-Cola clearly, so it was natural for it to be the center of their “one-brand” design.

“The beauty is that the disc is red, and consumers know this means great taste and refreshment, representing the full range of Coca-Cola products.  Executionally it applies easily to the cylinder of a can or bottle, the square or rectangular shape of a fridge pack, and so on. But this new packaging does not create a “matching luggage” look. It’s a modular design device that will be applied individually across all global packaging templates and adapted to all printing techniques. When you see the lineup, you see a common language, a single voice – but used in different ways depending on the treatment, environment, country and context.”

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