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Taihang Valley

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/21/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Ice wine can only be produced under incredibly specific circumstances. Everything from the temperature to the exact time the grapes are picked must be just right. Zhou Jingkuan designed the packaging for Taihang Valley ice wine to demonstrate the beauty of the region from where the wine comes and also the precision with which the product is made.

“The towering Taihang mountain, dimly discernible in the cloud, the sky under the snow, extreme ice wine. Based on the growth of the ice wine brewing grape winter attribute and the geographical location of Taihang mountain, designed a pair of Taihang mountain snow artistic conception of the abstract graphics.”

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“Flying snowflakes, geography latitude 37° reaction with gold production of quality ice grape wine. Graphic contracted form of point, line and plane, is rich in traditional Chinese culture, reveals the value of China's ice grape wine.”

A beautiful, golden illustration appears on the front of the label, giving buyers a taste of the massive Taihang mountain. The skinny bottle also seems to add height to the mountains that peek out from under the clouds. Each wine comes in its own box, emphasizing the unique qualities of the product. A matching label seals both the wine and the box, creating a more special opening experience for the buyer.

Editorial photograph

Designed by: Zhou Jingkuan

Country: China

City: Shenzhen