Jammie Dodgers

by Elizabeth Freeman on 04/19/2016 | 4 Minute Read

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New Jammie Dodgers branding takes the biscuit. After improving the Jammie Dodgers recipe, Burton Biscuits asked Robot Food to apply their strategic know-how to the branding and packaging design.Fun, mischievous and iconic, Jammie Dodgers is a brand close to people’s hearts, and one that parents have grown up with. Having redesigned the branding in 2010, Robot Food were delighted to be asked to work their magic again on this Great British household name. 

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Prouder and bolder, the redesign has burst back onto shelves with a vibrant new design and snappier ‘Best Ever Recipe’ messaging. The results unite and strengthen the range, calling attention to the tasty new recipe, while new shelf-ready packaging allows the packs to sit face-forward for the first time for maximum shelf-shout. Robot Food re-rendered the iconic jam splat logo device for a better standout. The team also made the logo font bolder in a clean white, emphasizing the recessive ‘O’ in ‘DODGERS’ for extra playfulness. Inspiration for the improved recipe claims were taken from the brand’s link to comic books of old. Each variant – Raspberry, Berry Blast, and Jam and Custard – now enjoys a stronger presence and distinct personality, with help from a more ownable sub-font. 

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Last but not least, Robot Food helped out with the execution of in-store activation and tactical consumer and trade press advertising. The consumer and trade press ads hero the biscuits and proudly communicate the new recipe and 20% less sugar messages, encouraging brand reappraisal. Matt Wilson, Jammie Dodgers Marketing Manager said, “Robot Food have delivered, as always. Consumers are now aware of the great new recipe, and the tasty design leaves shoppers in no doubt about the improved flavor and product quality. We are delighted.” Simon Forster, Robot Food’s Creative Director said, “Jammie Dodgers are synonymous with mischief, personality and, of course, yumminess. We crafted each element to emphasize the quality and ‘comic book’ appeal for a tastier, more dynamic brand.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Robot Food

Country: United Kingdom

City: Leeds

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