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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/16/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Mama & Boo is a cosmetics and skincare line specifically for moms-to-be. From cleansers to creams to sunscreens, the company provides products with ingredients that are safe for mothers. With packaging and branding designed by Thinkpanther Design Studio, Mama & Boo captures the essence of the joys of parenthood for its products.

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While motherhood certainly comes with its difficulties, there is also a sort of wonder and magic that mothers experience as they go through their pregnancy. Mama & Boo elicits this joy and happiness, with lovely, peaceful, and carefree designs. The floral illustrations indicate it’s a feminine cosmetics line, while the colors change based on the product. A mother and child in matching clothes play among the branches, capturing a sweet moment in the life of a mother. These feel-good, positive feelings allow consumers to create more of a bond with the product, getting them more emotionally invested. Furthermore, the wooden caps on each item keep the appearance grounded, indicating that the ingredients are pure, safe to use, and from the earth as opposed to created entirely in a lab.

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Designed by Thinkpanther Design Studio

Client: Mama & Boo

Country: Thailand

City: Bangkok