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by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/14/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Wine “RANINA” is one of the interesting projects of Georgian Brand Consultation Company “branding.ge”. Brand “RANINA” was created for Georgian wine-like alcohol beverage producing company Dugladze Wines & Spirits. “branding.ge” has worked out name of brand, slogan, positioning, packaging conception and design. Inspiration of brand name has its origin from Georgian songs. “RANINA” is the refrain word which is often met in Georgian songs and because Georgian song and Georgian wine are integral parts of one another,

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RANINA” being taken from the mottos of Georgian song and revived is associated with wine, good mood and feast. Rich Georgian culture, miniatures, relief and ornaments became the inspiration source for brand’s visual in which emotional, folk mood characters are reflected. Main characters of plot are Georgian types, expressed through minimalistic, author’s stylistics. 

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Etiquette is one entire pattern in which types and other elements of design tell interesting stories: Georgian mood plot is told in illustrations which emphasizes harmonic contact of Georgian wine and song.

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Creative Director, Copywriter: Levan Koberidze

Designer: Mariam Chichinadze

Brand Manager: Tamar Gordeladze

Visual Identity Project supervisor: Ketevan Chubinidze

Printer: "Uniflex"

Designed by "branding.ge" LLC

Client: Dugladze Wine Company

Country: Georgia

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