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Parasol Co Diapers + Wipes

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/14/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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When you’re considering what diapers to buy, you’re probably least concerned about how they look. But Parasol Co Diaper + Wipes show what a difference it makes. James Prunean at Parasol Co designed the collection to be just as beautiful as the product is effective.

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“During my time as Lead Designer at Parasol Co I developed a product and brand strategy for their new diaper subscription. Our goal was to bring a fashion element to diapers and this meant hand selecting pattern designers who will work with us on developing diaper collections. I was immediately drawn to the illustration style of Ashley Goldberg and was thrilled to form a working relationship with her for our first collection. I used the same patterns over the packaging and the diapers to make them cohesive. The result is packaging that is exciting and fresh. Getting a box of Parasol Co diapers is now an exciting experience and a visual feast.”

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Parasol Co’s products look unlike any other line of childcare products out there. They appeal to the parents in a way that makes them happy to have these items visible in their homes. Instead of images of active babies or small doodles, the packaging for their diapers and baby wipes are simply beautiful. Splashes of color cover the products, with a little bit of negative space where the text goes. The illustrations have a calming effect, making the chaos and wonder of parenthood an even better experience.

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Designed by James Prunean

Client: Parasol Co

Country: United States

City: Santa Monica