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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/14/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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With absolutely scrumptious offerings, like carrot veggie puffs and southwest hash browns, Dr. Praeger’s makes wholesome foods that make healthy eating easy. The rebrand, led by BexBrands, demonstrates the delicious foods they have, the good-for-you ingredients, along with a bit of personality.

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Real images of the foods appear on the front of the packaging, instantly getting the consumer excited to try the tasty meals. On the right side of the packaging, vital information is included, such as the key ingredients and the fact that what they prepare is gluten free. Small pieces of text give us a taste of the brand’s personality, from “kale & potato-baked crisp - oh my!” to “crispy & carrot-y bites.” The voice comes off as fun and a little quirky, appealing to a young audience as well as health-conscious heads of families. Above the Dr. Praeger’s name is an illustration of a mortar and pestle filled to the brim with fresh greens and other ingredients, indicating the health factor of their products.

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"Dr. Praeger’s 20 year old company went through a full brand overhaul in 2013, so needless to say it was a bit of a shock when they saw our first presentation and realized we hadn’t kept anything from their most recent efforts. It wasn’t a true reflection of their company or their products, which are simple, whole-food ingredient foods that are minimally processed. While it took the client a few days to absorb the “new-ness” of our concepts, they supported us the whole way through and were rewarded in their meeting with retailers, who were thrilled with the change."

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Designed by BexBrands

Country: United States

City: San Diego

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