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YOU & OIL Natural Cosmetics

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/14/2016 | 4 Minute Read

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Problem skin no more! YOU & OIL Natural Cosmetics was created to nourish and nurture every skin type. Designed by Black Swan Brands, YOU & OIL offers a plethora of different products for dry skin, combination skin, as well as hand creams and men’s skincare items.

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“New brand logo and packaging design for a line of natural cosmetics. Use color coding effectively, strengthen natural and professional image of the product. The design solutions included: Product Differentiation—All products divided into 5 colored lines depending on their effect: balance, energy, nutrition, calming effect and products for men. Competence—Redesigned logo, white "pharmaceutical" rectangles and lab-style numbering. Oil effect—Intensive color gradients symbolize the effect of oil on skin. Sensory Effect—Soft touch finishing conveys the feeling of healthy skin.”

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The modern yet subdued appearance of YOU & OIL Natural cosmetics gives the impression that the products were created in a lab by scientists trying to figure out the perfect formulas for every skincare need. A simple sans serif font feels professional, while the color gradients add in a bit of energy and also help to differentiate the varieties. The gradients also give consumers the thought of transformation, which is likely their goal when trying to find the right skincare products for them. Additionally, without relying on a certain illustration style or certain images, the line is clearly intended to be unisex, widening the audience for YOU & OIL.

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Designed by: Etiquette in collaboration with Black Swan Brands

Country: Lithuania

City: Vilnius