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Lysholm N52 Botanisk Aquavit

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/10/2016 | 4 Minute Read

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Aquavit is a spirit common in Norway and often called “the gin of the Nordics,” because methods of production and the history of both are similar. Aquavit is matured in casks, giving it a golden color, and is often enjoyed during Christmas as a schnapps with a meal. Lysholm N52 Botanisk Aquavit, designed by OlssønBarbieri, might look like a bottle of gin at first glance, but upon further inspection you will find that it’s actually something much more special.

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“The founder Jørgen B. Lysholm originally studied chemistry in Berlin in the 1820s and was the first to produce a refined and clear spirit thanks to the introduction of his innovative apparatus. A transparent liquor takes us back to the very beginning of the Lysholm adventure before cask maturation was common. These same years are also considered to be the start of the modern bar when cocktails were first invented and the scope of this project was to tap into the potential of creating an Aquavit specially developed for use in cocktails by reviving the very roots of this local spirit brand and in that way also make the aquavit consumption less seasonal.”

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“Lysholm no 52 is named after an original recovered recipe developed especially for cocktails with 11 different botanical elements.  Caraway from the island of Inderøy, star anise, coriander and bitter orange are some of the botanicals integrated together with the ornaments in the illustration. The bottle has an archetypical and clean geometrical shape inspired by apothecary and chemistry bottles creating associations to experimentation and mixing. The glass colour is also inspired from glass bottles from the 1800´s while the custom lettering and ornaments carries references to the victorian era. The warm grey coloured label carries a signature recipe printed in the glue, visible through the liquid while copper foil and capsule are complementary colours to the blue and recalls the pot-stills used in the production.”

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No detail was overlooked in the branding and packaging of Lysholm N52 Botanisk Aquavit. The label features delicate and subtle designs that speak to the flavors in the auquavit, as well as a bit about the founder of the company. While it looks like a traditional spirit, from the font choice to the crisp color palette, Lysholm N52 is an undoubtedly refreshing choice. The stunning clear bottle with bronze and blue elements along with a few finely drawn illustrations about the creation of the product make it a unique spirit to the region.

“The Lysholm brand has a traditional and conservative profile focused on cask maturation, but the Lysholm legacy is also known for its pioneering contribution to the national spirits history being the first brand to carry its casks two times across the equator by ship for extra maturation. For this project we were allowed to break free from many of the existing brand identifiers to create an homage to Jørgen B. Lysholms early years as a chemist and pioneer and to tell a story that has been forgotten.”

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Designed by OlssønBarbieri

Country: Norway

City: Oslo