by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/31/2016 | 5 Minute Read

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You can learn a lot through a culture’s food, and one thing that is quintessentially Spanish is Ibérico Ham. Otoño is a premium brand of Ibérico Spanish ham made from free-range pigs that were raised in a sustainable environment. Tres Tipos Gráficos developed the packaging for Otoño, keeping in mind the the meaning of the brand name. Otoño means “Autumn,” referring to the time of year when trees produce acorns, which are vital to the quality and distinction of the product.

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“Ibérico Ham is an exclusive, only Spanish product, and we wanted to represent the importance of its origins to this product's identity. The presence of the unique Spanish letter ‘ђ reinforces its roots. Also the symmetrical rhythm of the three capital ‘O's’ helps generate a strong, stable logo.”

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“The logo's most singular trait is the shape over of the ‘ђ character, based on the historic Spanish typeface, Ibarra Real, which lends a very special and authentic design to this unique accent. A new sans typeface was built around that special shape, which is also reminiscent of the traditional geometry-based iron logos from old ‘ganaderías’ (livestock ranches). The result is a simple, solid brand with a strong connection to its origins.”

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The leaves of three different acorn trees appear on the front, with a large cut-out for the meat to be seen. Brown packaging gives Otoño a rustic appearance, indicating the careful work that goes into getting the best pieces of ham. White text stands out against the background illustrations along with a small signature in the lower right-hand corner, further contributing to the small-farm feel of the product line.

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“Respect for tradition and a dedication to safeguarding the environment is crucial to the brand's essence. This is reflected in the brand's identity through various illustrations of the three main species of acorn trees: Quejigo, Alcornoque and Encina. The illustrations were made by Muti.”

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“The packaging collection functions as a set, where each of the three main products is represented with its own tree species. The leaf blueprints provide each product with its own individual identity, thereby enriching the brand experience of the whole product range and creating a strong link to the brand name ‘Autumn.’”

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Designed by: Tres Tipos Gráficos

Country: Spain

City: Madrid

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