Elite Coffee Capsules

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/05/2016 | 4 Minute Read

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Elite Coffee Capsules encourages you to stop and smell the coffee. Providing an incredibly convenient way to enjoy a fresh brewed coffee, these tiny cups make your morning routine even easier. Designed by Shake Design, the branding and packaging focuses on how easily Elite Coffee Capsules can fit into your life, giving you a delicious cup of coffee to enjoy with your brunch, as chat with friends, or as you snack on some colorful macarons.

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“Strauss Coffee is one of the largest coffee manufacturers in the world, and is the fourth largest purchaser of coffee beans worldwide. Strauss Coffee offers an optimal blend of select coffee varieties from prime locations worldwide, where coffee development experts prepare exclusive espresso blends, ensuring that each and every coffee granule is the freshest, highest quality product available.”

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“Strauss Coffee asked us to recreate the coffee capsules under a new brand – Elite Coffee – and to develop a new visual language for the capsule packages and for the new website to be launched at the same time.”

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“We chose clear, distinct language for the packaging design, the robust aroma and flavor are classified by a simple numbering system according to strength. The new design allows us to use accessible, clear, media-orientated language rich with experiences, flavors, and bright colors. It relates to the act of drinking coffee with friends, family, and loved ones in familiar scenarios, expressing the joy and passion for coffee.”

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The packaging is indeed clear, using bold colors and large text to communicate to buyers in a simple yet effective way. Elite Coffee Capsules truly captures the joy of a cup of coffee, positioning themselves as the way to achieve that. On the front of the packaging, resting over the large number that indicates the type of coffee, we see a used capsule next to a full cup of joe. It expresses an ease and simplicity that appeals to those with busy lives.

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Designed by: Shake Design

Client: Strauss Coffee

Country: Israel

City: Tel Aviv

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