GIGI Bloks

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/04/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Introducing a fun and eco-friendly way to play. GIGI Bloks is a new brand in Latvia that encourages children to play, learn, and build their ideas. J?nis Andersons developed the packaging for the company that firmly believes in having a simple toy that can allow a child’s imagination to go wild.

“Kids have always something flamboyant on the mind. Gigi Bloks inspire to approach even the craziest ones. Gigi Bloks encourages to play, learn, and move. You can draw, write, and paint on them. You can playout limitless scenarios and build mystic creatures. You can experiment, create and re -create. And so – till the moment you need to go to bed.”

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“Gigi Bloks are made of the sustainable, eco-friendly materials from renewable resources. They are easily foldable, durable and space conscious. Gigi Bloks are perfectly suited for building the creativity: developing own designs and gaining the joy of new creation of unseen forms.”

GIGI Bloks building blocks needed packaging that would demonstrate the wide variety of uses for the product without pushing any solid idea of rules on how to use them. Using bright colors, images of happy children, the blocks themselves, along with drawn-on images, the product clearly captures a wild imagination at work. The packaging gives buyers and their kids a sense of excitement at what the future can hold when using GIGI Bloks.

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“The intent of the packaging is to demonstrate the limitless building possibilities to the kids and their parents:1. We have combined daily objects in the playroom with the building blocks, thus enliven the fantasy object in common places.2. Colouring possibilities of the blocks gives additional edge to the possibilities of expression3. In the environment of the pictures have eliminated the formal space, thus emphasizing the product and the limitless, unframed space of fantasy.”

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Designed by: J?nis Andersons

Country: Latvia

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