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Masa Take Away Bags

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/24/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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It’s almost impossible to pass up fresh-baked goodies, isn’t it? These mouthwatering breads from Masa come in newly redesigned bags by Siegenthaler & Co, featuring images of the product on the outside of the packaging.

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“Masa asked us to redesign their take away bags, since the old ones had become a bit generic. With the new bags we wanted to draw attention on the street. In Masa the product is the brand. So we always want to show the product. In the bags that's impossible, so we used a photo and talk about it: if there is bread, we are ok! And this is contrasted with an intense color. So that’s how we achieve a simple design, meaning the essence of the brand, give a sympathetic message and be very attractive on the street.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

The image on the outside of the take away bags almost acts as an X-ray image of what’s inside, getting buyers excited for their treat and also working as wonderful advertising for passers-by. One side features a little bit of text about Masa, while the other is solely the image of the bread in all of its detail. Each bag has a single color on it, along with a tall sans serif font, reimagining the traditional bakery in a more modern way.

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Designed by: Siegenthaler & Co

Country: Colombia

City: Bogotá