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Luxury Oil

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/21/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Olive oil may just seem like another item you have in your kitchen cabinet, but why can’t it be more? Luxury Oil, designed by Idem Design, is a limited edition extra virgin olive oil created to add a bit of extravagance to the kitchen.

“The project consists in thinking of an outstanding and communicative packaging and graphic for the packaging of two different types of oil: medium and intense fruity. The same packaging was produced in two different colours: white for the medium and black for the intense. We designed three different editions for the same two oils. Each edition is linked only to the bottle's design. This one is the limited edition, the luxury one.”

Luxury Oil comes in a large, stout bottle, with minimal graphics and text. Using only black and white, it furthers the minimalist aesthetic, keeping things simple and clean. It immediately stands out from other olive oils, many of which use clear bottles that display the light green hue of the oil. The bottle certainly gives off an air of luxury simply because it is quite different, and it is equally beautiful in your kitchen or out on display and for use on the dining room table.

Editorial photograph

Designed by: Idem Design

Country: Italy