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by Dieline Author on 03/16/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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In an effort to bring awareness to the declining population of bees, Honey Nut Cherrios Canada is removing the iconic and beloved mascot Buzz on their packaging."This is the first time in the brand's history that we've taken 'Buzz' off the box. One-third of the foods we depend on for our survival are made possible by the natural pollination work that bees provide. With ongoing losses in bee populations being reported across Canada, we wanted to leverage our packaging to draw attention to this important cause and issue a call to action to Canadians to help plant 35 million wildflowers—one for every person in Canada." Emma Eriksson, director of Marketing for General Mills Canada.Removing Buzz from the packaging for a limited time brings awareness to the consumer in a strong visual and impactful way."By taking the bold step of removing a well-established brand symbol from its packaging, General Mills is further challenging marketing's conventional thinking to underscore its point." Cossette chief creative officer Peter Ignazi

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Where's Buzz the Bee? Buzz is missing because there’s something serious going on with the world’s bees. With deteriorating bee colony health, bees everywhere have been disappearing by the millions¹ and it’s time we all did something about it. 

The Where's Buzz the Bee Campaign, by Cossette, includes a TV spot and online video and a microsite, that includes facts about the declining bee population and wildflower seeds that you can request for free to plant.

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