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Schlossgut Lüll Winery

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/23/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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This is a wine that certainly makes a bold statement. Although Schlossgut Lüll has over 125 years in the winemaking business, they needed a redesign to reflect some of the recent changes at the winery. Stanislaw Lewicki and Jonas Weber were tasked with creating a new logo and bottle design for the brand, making something sophisticated yet striking.

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“Schlossgut Lüll is a winery in Rheinhessen, Germany. The castle which belongs to the winery, is currently used to host and cater events like weddings. The wine is therefore stored and sold in barrels. When the daughter took over the business in 2013, she planned to broaden their range of bottled wines while cutting back on selling it in barrels. As they required designs for this assortment, they asked us to come up with ideas and combine them with a redesign of the existing logo for Schlossgut Lüll. The idea and concept was that the logo and product became one, which underpins the whole corporate design with its 5 black and white stripes.”

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The Schlossgut Lüll logo is comprised of the five stripes, creating the last part of the company name. Two dots rest next to the bottle, creating the umlaut over the “u” that is created. This black and white striped look translates directly to the bottles, an undeniably modern look that properly reflects the winery’s new ownership. Using black and white only gives the bottle a crisp appearance, reminding consumers of the luxury of the brand and its history.

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Designed by: Stanislaw Lewicki, Jonas Weber

Country: Austria, Germany, Spain

City: Vienna, Berlin, Barcelona