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Evil Cream Soda

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/15/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Traditional cream soda with a sinful twist. Evil Cream Soda from Audacity Brew House gives you a familiar childhood flavor in their new beer designed by Produce Results.

“Ales aren’t inherently evil, but that’s not the case with Audacity Brew House’s Evil Cream Soda. Nestled in the heart of Denton, Texas and central to the bustling microbrew culture of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, newcomer Audacity recently unveiled its brand new, wicked take on a childhood favorite in a devilishly crafted can guaranteed to turn some heads.”

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“Evil Cream Soda has the sweet, delightful cream soda flavor you remember from childhood, twisted into a 6.9% ABV monster. Traditional cream soda is known for its light, refreshing taste that combines the classic flavors of vanilla and sweet cream. With its Evil Cream Soda, Audacity sucker-punches tradition by marrying the familiar cream soda taste with malt, hops, yeast, natural flavors and spices. The result is a sinfully refreshing ale that drinks like a soda, kicks like a mule and forgets to call you in the morning.”

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“To illustrate its unique flavor, Evil Cream Soda sports a mystical can design that incorporates a hand-drawn sugar skull, custom floral illustrations and hand-lettered type set atop a dark gray background. Designed by Produce Results, the 12 oz. can features metallic gold ink to reflect the ale’s underlying cream soda taste, while the overall floral motif serves to highlight its profile’s bright, flavorful notes. To remind everyone Evil Cream Soda is indeed an ale, the sugar skull dons hops for eyes while its inverted heart nose reminds us we’re only a kid at heart.”

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Using a sugar skull design, the label does a beautiful job of mixing pretty elements like flowers and hearts with more ominous ones. The eyes of the skull are designed to be hops, giving the face a bit of an unsettling appearance. White and goldenrod text and images stand out against the black can, and by sticking with a simple color palette it could be easy to add to the line of kids’ beverages brewed for adults. Doodles are drawn all over, much like the designs seen in sugar skulls, and “Evil” appears on the skull’s forehead. Evil Cream Soda takes something fun and enjoyable from childhood and spins it with a little darkness.

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Designed by: Produce Results

Client: Audacity Brew House

Country: United States

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