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Natural Orthodontics Products

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/22/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Having braces isn’t exactly the most enjoyable thing in the world, but Natural Orthodontics Products hopes to improve the overall experience. The brand offers the highest quality products and the most innovative solutions for the dental segment. FAZdesign was tasked with creating new packaging for all of the products in their line.

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“In the Research conducted, it was verified that the packaging of this sector have a highly technical appeal and there is no emotional, humanized and intuitive language that approaches the user—facilitating the understanding the product by itself. Packaging studies were made to reduce costs/waste of material and adapt the packaging to standards for use in the North American market.”

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“The aim of packaging modernization and positioning was achieved through the adopted language, built with saturated colors and typography without serifs, interacting with dentists and provide emphasis and differentiation among competitors, thus enhancing the products and the value of the brand itself.”

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Based off of the research, FAZdesign has created a sleek, professional packaging for Natural Orthodontics Products. A vibrant color palette gives the brand a modern, cutting-edge appearance, while the compact packs are practical and take up only the necessary space. A number of products are encased in a sleeve, making the products feel protected and of the best quality. The packaging relies on text, rather than graphics, to convey the information about each product, making it safe and reliable for the health industry.

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Designed by FAZdesign

Country: Brazil