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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/22/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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JK ANIMALS cans of cat and dog food embrace simply wholesome foods for your furry friend. Using an honest approach with images of the foods as well as adorable, happy pets, Michal Polák developed the packaging for these cans of food to be bold and jump off the shelf.

“Cheap cans dog and cat food, great price/quality ratio. Cans’ visual style based on the characteristics of the brand JK ANIMALS, for which I created the visual style with typical basic elements as white background in the upper part of the package and colorful background bottom of the package. With this visual element JK ANIMALS products are easily recognizable.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“When designing cans was necessary to to keep the basic characteristic elements of visual identity packaging brand JK ANIMALS. The whole concept is characterized by uniform elements of packaging design brands such as color division top and bottom of the package, marked logo with a picture of an animal or text pyramid with the basic properties of the product.”

The JK ANIMALS logo appears right next to the cute photos of the pets, allowing the consumer to associate the brand with happy, healthy animals. Each food variety has its own coordinating color, and the type of food and information about it appears in an upside-down triangle shape, almost like an inverted food pyramid. On the side, we see an image of fresh food, making the product unmistakably clear. The back of the label contains more information about the health benefits and ingredients of JK ANIMALS cans of food, including how much to feed an animal based on weight.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“When designing cans I based on these basic elements, when the upper half is always white area on which the image stands out a cat or dog and a logo for dogs red, purple for cats. The bottom half is then always in a color that corresponds to the content. On the side I put a realistic picture of the content of what you find inside cans. Can depicts reality, you see what you are buying. The back side is then given to several languages and typical elements as feed table, etc.”

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“The main idea of the whole concept was to unify the term cans so that they look simple, visually uniform and corresponded with the visual brand identity and at first sight it was to see what's inside. Cans are due to it appearance on the shelves of highly visible and very popular and always features interesting mosaic, each can have its color.”

Editorial photograph

Designed by Michal Polák

Client: JK Animals

Country: Czech Republic