SENSPA Lemongrass Aroma set

by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/17/2016 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Discover the real refreshment. GoNinetyOne was inspired by the perfect combination of spa's scent and the unique of local Thai. Under the consideration to remain the sacred Thai, the wood texture, gold, Thai ancient patterns and some elements are applied and simplified to create the contemporary design. This design is simple, strong and could represent the real traditional Thai significantly. The design and template is easy to adapt and develop for the new products in the future. 

Editorial photograph

"We use the roll label on the products because we want to show the colour of the liquid inside. Moreover, when products are aligned on the shelf, they could create a shelf impact from their beautiful color."

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designer:  Teerawat Puttavorachai

Designed by GoNinetyOne

Country: Thailand


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