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Jetlag Therapy Kit

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/09/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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There’s nothing worse than losing days of a vacation because of jet lag. Luckily, this Jetlag Therapy Kit can help you overcome it and get on with enjoying your trip. Designed by the in-house team at TEALEAVES, a custom tea blender for clients like five-star hotels and Michelin-star chefs, this signature kit was created specifically for weary travelers who want to beat their jet lag as quickly as possible.

“The brief given to the in-house creative team was to redesign the existing Jetlag Therapy Kit packaging following a minimal and modern aesthetic. The ultimate design would be positioned for welcome amenities in hotel suites, airline hospitality kits, and for sale at duty-free shops, online and other retail locations.”

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“The art direction for the packaging attempts to capture the carefree nature of childhood through the use of dandelion and clock face imagery. The concept of the dandelion symbolizes joyful memories of youth, where time is never a burden. The imagery is designed to represent the product inside, which counteracts the negative mental and physical toll of jet lag. The design aims to make the consumer feel like they can literally ‘blow away’ the concept of time by using this product, just like the happy-go-lucky days of childhood.”

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Instead of feeling completely out of control and losing track of time, the Jetlag Therapy Kit gives buyers more power when dealing with nasty jet lag symptoms. The dandelion feels effortless and easy, helping consumers to feel relaxed and able to manage their jet lag. Against the white, crisp background, the blue and orange stand out and also pop against each other, with the blue lending a calm vibe and the orange a more energetic and focused one. It gives a sense that by using it, one can take control and enjoy their trip more without doing anything drastic to further disrupt the body’s state.

“The illustration was created by the same in-house watercolor artist who has illustrated all of TEALEAVES’ packaging to date. The watercolor art direction was, however, more minimalist and slightly abstracted, with movement-inspired strokes and nuanced layering.”

“Details were added to the box to contribute to the sensory unboxing experience and to strengthen the packaging theme. Blind embossing of jet planes shooting out of the “exploded” dandelion and clock was used to enhance the visual and tactile experience. Foil details were also added as visual detail, and the question ‘Where will you take your #JetlagTherapy?’ was posed on the packaging to encourage photographs and conversations surrounding the product taken around the world.”

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Tealeaves In-House Creative Team

Country: Canada

City: Vancouver, British Columbia