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Hillside Coffee & Donut Co.

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/09/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Have donuts and coffee ever looked so nice? EME Design Studio designed the packaging for a trendy and hip El Paso coffee shop, the Hillside Coffee & Donut Co., adding a bit of classy art deco inspiration to the donut boxes, coffee cup sleeves, cold brew labels, and coffee bags.

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Although grabbing a morning coffee with a dozen donuts doesn’t sound that extravagant, Hillside Coffee & Donut Co. certainly makes it a memorable experience. Against black packaging, gold foil shines and gives the brand a sense of elegance. Bold lines are used in both a lavish and architectural way to channel an art deco design. Delicate lines comprised of dots and dashes imitate the rays of the sun, helping to wake up customers and get them ready for the day ahead. Customers are then able to take this little bit of opulence with them, whether with a dozen donuts or some fresh coffee beans, making Hillside Coffee & Donut Co. an easy-to-attain luxury.

Editorial photograph

Designed by EME Design Studio

Country: United States

City: El Paso