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Garden of Flavor Cold-Pressed Energy

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/11/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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The flavors of nature are pretty hard to improve, so Garden of Flavor Cold-Pressed Energy harnesses this to their advantage. Taking all the goodness of natural ingredients with loads of nutrients, Jason M. Villanueva designed the packaging to channel the forests of South America.

“Garden of Flavor Cold-Pressed Energy fuses the power of the forest with the nutrients of the garden for energy and focus that can only be provided by nature. The key energy ingredient is Guayusa Leaf from a tree native to the Amazon Rainforest. Designer Jason M. Villanueva developed the label design around the sketch of the Guayusa Leaf. The color scheme was inspired by the dense, lush foliage of the Rainforest. Cold-Pressed Energy, just as nature intended.”

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Rich, green hues on the label instantly transport consumers to the Amazon, with large, sprawling leaves and looming trees. The logo features a wheelbarrow, making these exotic flavors feel closer to home, like the fruits and vegetables are right in your own backyard and ripe for the picking. Garden of Flavor Cold-Pressed Energy provides consumers with juices that are out-of-the-ordinary, from pear and lemon juice to aronia berries, and a small border at the top of the label is unique to each flavor. The deep colors and exotic offerings make the juices an adventure in delicious tastes that can’t be found elsewhere, allowing consumers to associate the brand with a fun, exciting experience rather than just a product.

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Designed by Jason M. Villanueva

Country: United States