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Black Arrow Candles

by Elizabeth Freeman on 02/09/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Black Arrow Candles are an inimitable, sophisticated brand of soy wax candles, hand crafted and lovingly poured and packaged to order. No animal-based products are used including honey, musk, milk or beeswax, making each candle reassuringly animal and vegan-friendly. Good for you, and good for the earth.  

An inspired feat of packaging engineering...

THINK Packaging was commissioned to create a unique, bespoke packaging piece for Black Arrow Candles. The challenge: it had to be distinctive and elegant, but robust enough to protect the high quality, hand blown glass vessel enveloping the candle.

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Inspired by memories of Robin Hood firing arrows deep into the middle of tree trunks, the client had a clear vision of basing the packaging within this archery theme, in stark contrast with a modern, ready-for-retail look and feel. Accordingly, the ‘arrowhead’ (the candle) was set into a package that looks like a beautiful, modern, lime washed piece of wood. It is designed to be very deceptive – to draw customers in, to pick it up and discover the beautiful candle within.

No block of wood is the same, nor is it straight edged, so THINK Packaging designed a cardboard form that was purposefully imperfect. A disruptive, yet natural shape was engineered by chamfering off the top right edge to create a unique, organic look and feel, just like wood. As the pack hinges in half, the two sides are actually the same piece, yet mirrored – resulting in a perfect balance of straight versus angled lines for the front, back, top, and bottom view points.

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... backed by beautiful pack design.

To compliment this outstanding feat of cardboard engineering, Curious Design created a sophisticated piece of branding and labeling that embodies the spirit of Black Arrow.

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A signature arrowhead was devised as a visual icon that can be integrated with the brand name, or used independently in a symbolic context. The two ‘A's in the Black Arrow typography also have the horizontal bars between the outer slopes removed-to create subtle arrow shapes and reflect the marque.

The colour palette is deliberately understated and the arrowhead has been embossed with a 'black on black' texture for a tactile quality. All of these nuances ensure that the graphic content works harmoniously with the unique pack shape.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Structural packaging designer: Mat Bogust, THINK Packaging

Graphic designer: Monique Robins, Curious

Wood texture illustrator: Mike Amundsen

Designed by THINK Packaging

Client: Black Arrow Candles

Country: New Zealand