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Happy Meal Virtual Reality Headset

by Dieline Author on 02/29/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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The Happy Meal just got a little more interesting. Mcdonald Sweden is launching a promotion that turns the iconic Happy Meal into a virtual reality headset. A soft launch where only 3,500 will be made.

The promotion is "tied to the Swedish "Sportlov" recreational holiday, during which many families go skiing. With this in mind, McDonald's created a ski-themed VR game, "Slope Stars," for use with the goggles. The game can also be played in a less immersive fashion without them."

Turning the Happy Meal box into a cardboard VR set is fairly easy with perforated lines and folds, inserting the VR lenses that are included and inserting your own smartphone.

"The fast-food chain believes VR provides "a really exciting opportunity to connect families in digital times," Jeff Jackett, marketing director at McDonald's Sweden, tells AdFreak. "Parents can learn more about their children's knowledge and experience of the digital world. And purposeful gaming can also be a great joint activity that helps families interact on equal terms."Hackett adds that "this is the first trial run globally" for the Goggles, so there's a chance the program will be expanded if it proves popular."

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The fascinating part is that a child will now have the ability to understand that this box that was primarily created to hold your beloved treat can now not just be shucked into the trash when your done. It can serve a different purpose and be interactive and educational.

Via: Adweek