Cassis et Mélisse

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 03/02/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Wouldn’t it be such a treat to sit out on a patio and enjoy some of these delightful dairy products from Cassis et Mélisse? Organic goat milk makes all the difference in their whole milks and cheese varieties. Chez Valois developed the branding, art direction, and packaging to appeal to those who want to know where their food is sourced and to emphasize the full flavor in each delicious product.

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Cassis et Mélisse comes in resealable plastic containers with brown sleeves on the outside. Consumers can look inside and see the fresh cheeses, while the labels elevate the brand quality. Delicate images of goats or even some of the ingredients faintly appear in the background, and a thick, wholesome font in white is instantly noticeable. On the inner side of the sleeves we see a color that matches that of the image on top, coordinating to each flavor. Milk containers are the more contemporary plastic ones we currently see in stores, but the brown label adds in a sense of old-timey charm. While the illustrations make Cassis et Mélisse appear like a premium brand, the off-kilter text is casual and brings the consumer closer to the farm.   

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by Chez Valois

Country: Canada

City: Montreal


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