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Vincit Beer Special Limited Edition

by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/01/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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“Labor conquers all.” Vincit Beer is, quite simply, a sweet sign of gratitude from designer Marco Vincit. The beer, bottled in traditional amber bottles, pops with a crisp white and cheery yellow, giving it an optimistic, warm vibe. A yellow semi-circle at the top resembles the sun shining bright in the sky. Text on the front of the label mimics the shape, turned up in the shape of a smile. Bottles are wrapped individually in paper with a sticker to seal it, making the act of opening the beer like that of opening a present.

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Wanting to thank those around him, Vincit developed the branding and packaging for the limited edition release of this beer. The clean design and bright colors elicit positive feelings and are perfect for a heartfelt gift.

“Vincit Beer is a gift for customers, partners and friends. Created to celebrate the 2015 victory and celebrate the arrival of 2016. In addition to a tribute to the poet Publius Virgilius Maro, that of his quotes came my last name. Thanks to all who achieve amazing things every day to my side.”

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“Winning is never to be alone and grow is a result of daily struggles. More than a beer, Vincit Beer is a symbol of gratitude and a representation the victories that have been won and to come. Thanks to all friends, partners and customers, to make the year 2015 unique, challenging and winning projects.”

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Designed by Marco Vincit

Country: Brazil