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Twin Peaks Brewing Co.

by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/01/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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“How do you break beyond the walls of a brewpub to bring its portfolio of beers to the crowded retail marketplace? By leveraging iconic American artwork to create compelling packaging that practically begs to be picked up.”

Design agency Tractorbeam ® wanted to create a series of cans for the four core beers from Twin Peaks Brewing Co. that were unlike any other cans out there. Incorporating some Americana with darling pin-up girls and cheeky beer names, it’d be hard to say no to one of these brews. Pin-up images have a certain mix of sensuality and humor, making this series of four instantly attractive. Each image relates to the beer name—the Dirtby Blonde American White Ale, for example, features a hardworking lady doing some serious car maintenance. By elaborating and creating entire environments on each can, the illustrations are truly brought to life.

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“The client had licensed the portfolio of legendary pinup artist Gil Elvgren for use in their brewing company brand. We let the artwork speak for itself and take up the prime real estate on the can. We embellished these characters with custom scripts and, in some executions, extended backgrounds to create an immersive visual that spanned the entire can.”

Editorial photograph

Designed by Tractorbeam ®

Country: United States