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Special Harvest Cafe Custepec

by Elizabeth Freeman on 03/01/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Time to get your coffee fix! If you’re in need of a little caffeine, you might enjoy this line of coffee beans from Special Harvest Cafe Custepec. Behagen designed the branding and packaging to situate the brand as one of the highest quality choices for coffee out there, specially for the coffee drinker with a refined palate.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

The beans come in tins as well as the more traditional coffee bags, depending on the amount. Coffee drinkers especially want to hear the story behind the beans, so Special Harvest Cafe Custepec includes plenty of text to explain the origin and background of the coffee. For those who care about where their products come from, this brings them closer to the product emotionally. Various colors help to differentiate each type, along with small icons of flor and fauna.

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“Custepec coffee is a coffee brand positioned as one of the best in the world. Currently it is Rainforest Alliance Certified that allows you to access one of the most demanding and concerned about sustainability in production, within a framework of respect for the worker and the nature markets. From the 2015/2016 harvest season offers a special line of coffee produced in carefully chosen at a higher altitude microclimates 1,100 meters.”

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Designed by Behagen

Country: Mexico

City:Mexico City

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