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Green Girl Bakeshop

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/25/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Dairy free and gluten free ice cream, here to satisfy your sweet tooth. Green Girl Bakeshop’s ice cream sandwiches and pints cater to special diets, but who could say no to something as delicious-looking as this? Design Womb developed a new identity and packaging design, adding in a bit of retro inspiration that makes the treats just that much sweeter.

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Green Girl Bakeshop’s pints come in cubes instead of the usual pint container, immediately elevating the brand and making it seem like an extra-special choice when craving dessert. The ice cream sandwiches are individually wrapped, expressing the dedication they have to the products they sell and their commitment to quality sweets. Checkered patterns resemble that of a cloth you might find spread out at a springtime picnic, alluding to simpler times. The packaging is primarily black and white, appearing crisp and fresh, with light hues mixed in to hint at the flavors.

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“We redesigned the startup's identity and new packaging design to capture the whimsical and vintage-inspired heart of the brand. The lineup includes hand-wrapped ice cream sandwiches with scalloped edge label designs and custom designed square pint boxes with hinging lids. A simple cross hatch pattern in black and white is carefully paired with soft colorful accents to indicate flavors. The results are modern, retail-ready, and timeless. Watch for the brand's transition into the new look across 2016.”

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Design Womb

Country: United States

City: San Francisco, CA & Chicago, IL

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