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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/25/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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If you can’t afford a quick little getaway to the tropics right now, then maybe you can settle for one of these natural fruit and vegetable beverages. Blend is a premium fruit and vegetable drink, and Siegenthaler & Co wanted to set them apart from the other all-natural juices available. Instead of directly communicating the ingredients on the packaging, instead they decided to set the scene and take buyers to their own private island.

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“We were asked to create a brand and packaging for a juice whose content was 100% fruits and vegetables, no flavorings or sweeteners and no water added. They are 5 different mixtures, inspired by the tropical flavors of Colombia. Drinking one of these juices means to us to be transported to the tropics, but we didn't want to fall into the obvious way of illustrating the fruits. So we decided to represent the skies over the tropical sunrises and sunsets.”

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The gradients on each label are simply enchanting, and they evoke the feelings of being at the beach, watching the sunset, and drinking a fresh juice without making it literal on the bottle. Blend’s ingredients list includes images of the fruits and vegetables that go into each juice, as well as having them listed on the front in a modern sans serif font. The bottle shape is sleek and appears easy to hold, and a wide mouth at the top is perfect for fresh-squeezed juices that contain pulp.

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Designed by Siegenthaler & Co

Country: Colombia

City: Bogotá