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Balholm Handverkcider

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/25/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Balholm is a family-owned distillery and cider maker in Norway, and they have their own orchard deep inside the Sognefjord on the country’s west coast. With steep mountains providing a shield from the North Sea, it is an ideal place for growing fruit—even records from the viking age mention the fruit from this region. The beautiful location is often depicted by artists, and Olssøn Barbieri used this as inspiration for the branding and packaging for their line of ciders.

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“The Eitungjerde family are the first to graft and grow english and french cider trees in the Norwegian climate. Cider is dry and a suitable alternative to beer and as the first Norwegian cider brand with no clear category language to fit into, it was important to transmit the micro brewery method and to borrow cues from the beer category. The blue colours are inspired by the atmospheric transformation of the colours in the fjords as seen in the national romantic paintings which transmit delicate and food friendly associations, while the pragmatic use of typography express a genuine sense of detail and craft inherent to the small scale production. The oval label format is also a nod to the beer category.”

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“The front labels carry short texts about the fruit type, method and taste description together with the symbol of the fruit press surrounded by 5 apples representing the 5 generations. The small transparent bottles also have a family portrait from the 1960s printed in the glue of the front labels to celebrate the personal commitment behind the product.”

Balholm Handverkcider is a lovely line of elegant beverages ideal for someone who is looking for something fresh and fruit-infused. The flavors, like raspberry and pear, manifest themselves on the labels with subtle, delicate colors. Clear bottles allow the delightful hues of the ciders to show, and it also allows buyers to see old photos on the backside of the label. It’s a simple touch that speaks to the history of the orchard and the pride they have in their products.

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Designed by Olssøn Barbieri

Country: Norway

City: Oslo

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