Nicky Romero Limited Edition Olmeca Tequila

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/22/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Olmeca Tequila invites you to “Switch on the night” with their latest release. Bulletproof designed the packaging for the limited edition tequila in collaboration with Dutch DJ Nicky Romero, making it a lively, almost electric way to spend the evening.

“Since 2010, Olmeca has focused on the EDM (electronic dance music) scene with a series of campaigns and activations featuring world-renowned names in the industry e.g. Alesso and Steve Aoki. In its latest campaign, Olmeca has partnered with celebrated DJ and music producer Nicky Romero and Bulletproof was tasked with creating limited edition secondary packaging for the South African off-trade market, which would unite both brands on pack, while clearly reinforcing Olmeca’s brand equities.”

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Incorporating influence from South America and blending it with the EDM scene, this limited edition packaging possesses a vibrant energy that transcends what many think of the electronic music genre. Instead of obnoxiously bright colors, the gold-on-black look is sophisticated and appropriate for nightlife. Large graphics loom on the box appear almost larger than life, giving consumers a vision of nights out spent with amazing people on the dance floor, enjoying life to the fullest.

Bulletproof New York, VP Design mentions, “As an (adult) lifelong fan of dance music and DJ culture, it was a privilege to lead an equally passionate team on the creation of this limited edition collaboration between Nicky Romero and Olmeca. We conducted Brand Safaris around the clubbing meccas of New York and London in order to better understand the emerging visual trends of the ever-changing and vibrant global EDM scene. Ultimately, we created a design system, which is sleek yet, evocative of the bombastic and kinetic energy of a big night out. We hope that the Olmeca team and Nicky himself are as proud of the design as the Bulletproof team are!”

Editorial photograph

Designed by Bulletproof

Country: United States

City: New York

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