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Le Santi

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/18/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Le Santi are body shaping products that were developed by some of the leading professional beauticians in France. The products are designed to work where the buyers want them to work, allowing them to effectively change their look. Many people feel a bit of dissatisfaction with their bodies, so :OTVETDESIGN developed the packaging to give people realistic expectations to improve their overall look.

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The visuals on the front clearly advertise the slimming qualities of the products, but you won’t see any beautiful, swimsuit-clad models on the packaging. Le Santi obviously respects that every single body is different, and the curved graphics don’t make empty promises; instead they allow buyers to develop their own experience through using the products, making the products speak to customers on a more personal level.

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“:OTVETDESIGN had a task of making the effective packaging which will change the idea of weight loss. We neither offer role models nor draw away to pipe dreams. We provide the efficient means for working with what you have. With your own body. Your body is not a cage where the graceful beauty is languishing. There is no need to torture your body to become a different person. But you can shape your body, by making it more comfortable for you. Because when you are changing yourself the world around is changing as well.”

Editorial photograph

“Le Santi is a mark that can change everything it touches. And we found a genuine in-depth image to reveal it. The packaging presents the graphic shapes subjected to the optical metamorphosis as they are becoming thinner in the ‘waist.’ By means of this visual metaphor we show that the shape of the body can change right before one’s eyes.”

“The packaging is balanced by the color blocks. Bright but not pimpish; spectacular but not irritating – it conveys the character and identity of the brand that is clear and attractive not only for the female audience. We have not forgotten about the key trendsetters and opinion leaders in the world of beauty and fashion and we ‘built’ the shelf SKU laying out by the colors of the rainbow.”

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by :OTVETDESIGN

Country: Russia

City: St. Petersburg

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