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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/17/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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The Empanada Kitchen released a line of sauces as a subcategory of the products in their brand. They asked makebardo to develop the brand identity and packaging for the products that were both entirely new to the range but also needed to keep the brand consistent. Using The Empanada Kitchen’s philosophy of “Simple Things Done Well,” their four sauces have a bold, confident character.

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“Their focus is on small-town South American and European street food for the working class hero. Mauro’s food-centric family and heritage has made him curious to keep experimenting and evolving. Their experience has culminated in the belief that people appreciate and savour raw simple flavours, without any ‘enhancements.’ They don’t want people to forget what good food is supposed to taste like. Their aim is to avoid monotony, by changing our flavours all the time, and constantly experimenting with different products, and collaborating with other local Queenstown makers. Based in Queenstown, in the heart of Central Otago, New Zealand, they believe in good and honest food, done simply, done well.”

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Each of the sauces has its own unique tasting notes and background, with the main ingredients listed on the very front of the label. This straightforward approach comes off as to-the-point and packs a bit of intense personality, reflecting the flavors of the sauces inside the packaging. The black and red also combine, giving off a bold and vibrant personality. #teksauces’ look is strong, and the sauces are clearly not for the faint of heart.

“We approached this project with the premise that in the main identity we used the illustration as a protagonist. In this case the typography would be our ally in developing a solid and strong identity, with other tones of communication being more gourmet and adult. For this reason we picked black as the main colour to emphasize the noble spirit of this subcategory of products.”

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Designed by makebardo

Country: New Zealand

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