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Blank Slate Kitchen

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/17/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Blank Slate Kitchen goes beyond your regular simple syrup and brings innovative flavors to the table, like black pepper, bird’s eye chilli, and palm sugar. Using some of the best ingredients around, the line offers intriguing simple syrups for kitchen, cocktail, and home use, creating an elevated consumer experience.

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“Blank Slate Kitchen is committed to offering superior products through ingredients and preparation. The use of a botanical art highlights the ingredients of each product while also giving the consumer a feeling of authenticity. A modern apothecary aesthetic emphasizes the wide range of possibilities these rich simple syrups offer.”

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Designed by Madonna+Child Design House, the labels express the idea of a “modern apothecary” as well as the fine ingredients that go into each product. Illustrations on the front seem to be taken from a sketchbook or wildlife textbook, and the black part of the label exudes a premium quality and a somewhat traditional appearance. The simply syrups aren’t simply for cocktails, although that is a common use for them. On the back, a variety of uses are listed, including ice cream, waffles, and even cake and candies. Each syrup also offers a drink recipe, giving buyers something new and exciting to try.

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Designed by  Madonna+Child Design House

Client: Blank Slate Kitchen

Country: United States

City: Brooklyn, NY