Red Vines Redesign

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/15/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Everyone’s favorite film companion just got a redesign. New York agency Wallace Church & Co. developed new packaging for Red Vines, the red licorice candy of choice at movie theaters everywhere.

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“As a staple for movie theatre experiences and candy-lovers for nearly 100 years, we were honored to give Red Vines a fresh new twist with a hint of nostalgia. Our final design solution is a twilight field of blue with intricate line work, including vines, leaves and stars. These border treatments create a framework for communications while acting as a springboard for the logotype.”

The new look is easy to recognize as Red Vines, but certainly de-clutters the appearance a bit and makes it a little more fun and playful. Wallace Church & Co. elicits nostalgia in a different way from the old slightly vintage font, and instead the new Red Vines simply look like a classic old-timey sweet treat. Small vines create a border around the packaging, and the stars and leaves add in some personality. Flavors are written in a small banner on the front, almost as if it were a sign hung at a carnival, and the slightly curved shape also resembles the smile of those eating the candy. A clear portion of the packaging allows buyers to see the licorice, and the colors on either end of the bag match the licorice color exactly. The hues almost look too perfect to be real, giving us a sense that Red Vines is one extraordinarily delicious candy.

Editorial photograph

Designed by Wallace Church & Co.

Country: United States

City: New York

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